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February 15, 2008


Thank you for this post Heather!! And know that I DO read your blog (I have it in my google-reader so I will know when you have updated it :) ) And also know that I love it, and, would continue to, even if I WAS to spend a day at your home or in your head! Reading this post, I was constantly thinking, she is saying EXACTLY what I have been trying to put into words!!!! I think a lot of us with toddlers are in this same boat, especially if we are home-educating, and we all REALLY need the encouragement to keep going!

Blogging has actually been a huge blessing to me... and it seems to help so much as I strive to be more organized and squared away... HOWEVER, I also know that when I was reading a few blogs that just seemed "perfect" I would tend to get even more overwhelmed and frustrated, and feel so very inadequate. So, thank you again for this post!! It is so nice to know that I'm not the only one that feels this way!

God Bless!


Wow, do impress me and make me want to cry. And I so get what your saying. My children reminded me today that the struggle reminds us that we can only get through with the grace of God, not on our own, by our own skills. But, I do feel like such a failure lately. Do you pray to God for self-disicpline? How did you acquire yours?

God bless you.

Very well said!

It is so easy to look at all the blogs out there and think... geesh, I will never be good enough. But I have also found that so mny of these same blogs inspire me, bring me closer to God, and so much more.
But,it is so important to remember that these people aren't perfect. No one is!
So thank you for posting this. As i sit here listening to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical and ignoring the laundry. :)

LOVE IT! You are so right on here, Heather. Thank God for the wisdom He has given you. Your transparency is a blessing to us.
We need to be real for one another if we will truly inspire.
Thank you.

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